New Orleans Gets a Professional SEO Services

As we have referenced in our article SEO For Business, Search Engine Optimization can be a critical part of an overall digital marketing campaign.  With thousands of websites fighting for top positions in Google Searches, how can your business rank?

In most instances, the best way to have good SERPS is to hire a professional SEO Company.  Many business owners or technology people responsible for the technology and website for a business may attempt to do SEO themselves.  This can be a mistake, as SEO does take a very specific set of tools and skills that the average technology person simply doesn’t have.

What Is an SEO Consultant?

seoMost people are familiar with New Orleans because they have come to visit.  Many do not associate NOLA with technology and digital marketing.  Luckily, New Orleans is getting a new SEO company that has a ton of experience in ranking websites on Google.  Their has not been a shortage of companies providing New Orleans SEO Services. Many of the existing SEO Companies, are simply web designers that fancy themselves as SEO Experts.  DEAN Knows, is a different type of SEO Consultant.

They started out as an SEO Company and has moved into Website Design.  In the past, in taking contracts to Search Engine Optimize websites, they found that the site was not properly designed for SEO. This took a tremendous amount of time to redesign the website, creating tons of 301 redirects and structurally redesigning the site.  This took an enormous amount of time.  It became obvious that it would be easier to build the site in the first place!

SEO is not a secondary form of revenue, it is their specialty.  Although they provide a variety of services including website design including social media marketing, their specialty is SEO and Search Engine Marketing.