Granbury Tx – The Small Town With a Big Appeal

Granbury Tx

The Small Town of Granbury Tx

In recent years Granbury Tx has transformed from a small rural community to a booming suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  The real estate boom of the Dallas area has been good to Granbury.  Granbury Tx has seen some of the strongest real estate gains in the country over the last  12 months.  Homes for sale in Granbury TX  have increased well over 40% in the last year which shows the thriving economy.  With some of the best school systems, close proximity to Dallas, beautiful Granbury Lake, luxurious waterfront homes and a booming economy, its easy to see why Granbury is getting noticed.

Today Granbury is a thriving community deeply rooted in a strong Texas identity and heritage.  It has been listed by Southern Living Magazine as a top five “Small Town Getaway” and is one of Texas’s most charming and hospitable towns, thereby making it a favorite destination for both Texans and out of state visitors.  The July 4th celebration is one of the most recognized in the nation and visitors flock to the area to celebrate the nation’s birth.  The many hotels and B &B’s as well as the historic opera house add to the draw of Granbury.

About Granbury

An area once defined by ancient seas and plains vastly covered with dinosaurs became one of the richest areas of America’s western culture.  Granbury Tx was home to a number of American Indian nations including the Apache and Comanche before the settlers of European and Spanish decent arrived.
granbury txThe 19th century courthouse square is an example of the postcard perfect charm that draws visitors to Granbury.  The many shops and restaurants that line the square provide another example of the small town charm and living that Granbury’s residents have come to enjoy.  Granbury has no shortage of pristine golf courses, parks and trails, wineries and vineyards, as well as amazing historic sites such as Dinosaur Valley State Park.  These are some of the precise reasons that Granbury continues to draw both visitors and those looking to make a home in the historic Texas town.
Texans and travelers alike continue coming to the area in part because of the many honors bestowed upon it from notable and respected sources.  It has been featured in Texas Highways, Wall Street Journal, and Southern Living; and been given such accolades as “Texas Top 40” and “Best Town Square in Texas”.  The 2016 President of the Granbury Association of Realtors says, “The allure of this enchanting town is the comfort and appeal of a rural community with amenities and services of a much larger city.”
The Brazos River has contributed to an immense renaissance in the area.  Once known for its farms and ranches, the creation of Lake Granbury from the Brazos River in 1969, transformed the area into the trendy area that it is today.  Residents can often be seen strolling down City Beach, shopping at the square, or enjoying the fine microbreweries and wineries.

History of Granbury

For those interested in a bit of American history it might be fun to know that this same square that houses these bustling bistros, galleries, and boutiques was once a favorite hangout of the notorious outlaws Jesse James, Belle Starr, and John Wilkes Booth.  However, historical figures didn’t end with outlaws.  In fact, a great part of the renaissance Granbury enjoyed was due to some of its own visionary citizens who wanted to make sure that renaissance occurred.

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After the 1969 creation of the lake the town still needed vision to make what happened next occur.  It was Jo Ann Miller, a former singer for the Tommy Dorsey Band, who helped make sure the famous Opera House of Granbury realized its true potential.  Mary Lou Watkins, who has a statue in her honor in the square, was responsible for the restoration of the famous Nutt House Hotel originally started by her grandfather in 1893.
Granbury embodies the American Spirit that keeps our nation going.  It is a perfect rural setting with all the amenities which that comes to offer, but it also caters to those who still need a taste of the big city.  Its close proximity to the Dallas – Fort Worth area gives citizens and visitors everything they could want.  There is not a much better example of the type of town many citizens in the country are searching for to raise their children in safety, provide long term stability for their families, and make sure that the American Dream continues to prosper.

Granbury Tx Real Estate

It’s the common question, did the strong economy of an area make the real estate strong or did the thriving real estate market grow the economy?  Regardless of the answer, Granbury Tx real estate is growing by leaps and

bounds.  Anytime someone purchases a home, not only does money flow into the economy from the actual home sale, but people then purchase new TVs, home furnishings and a variety of other large purchases which is well known to have a positive effect on local economy.

What Do The Numbers Say?

Many real estate experts and economists look at the level of inventory of an area and compare that to the number of single family residential sales and the overall sales volume.  Granbury has everyone of these metrics pointing to a long healthy real estate market.  With the number of home sales increasing by over 45%, the level of inventory dropping by over 30% coupled with an increase in the average sale, its no shock that Granbury is being looked at as one of the strongest real estate markets in the country.