In today’s digital world, the marketing you should be focused on when selling your home is on the internet.  Lets face it, no one is waiting for the Sunday paper to see what homes are for sale anymore.

Digital Marketing

On this page, we will talk about digital advertising.  Specifically on-line technology such as SEO – search engine optimization and other types of web technology that could be helpful in advertising your business.

There are many types of Digital Marketing available to the start up business.  This page will focus on some of the following:

Search Engine Optimization

Let us discuss how the search engines see your website.  We are going to focus on your business site and the fact that it needs great SEO to be found by search engines such as Google. One of the first steps in making sure that your website has great SEO is to run a Free SEO Audit  These types of automated SEO checks will provide valuable insight on your websites search performance without breaking the Bank.

Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing has quickly become the most cost effective marketing vertical around.  With Google Ad Words costing from $1 per click to $150, you can get your ad on your product or service in front of your targeted customer base very inexpensively.

Social Media has taken the word by storm!  With everyone spending hours per day on their Social Media accounts, it’s only logical that Social Media is now the place to go for the most cost effective marketing.  Many of the larger Social Media Companies have gone pubic, which means they now are forced to make money.  How does a social media platform make money?   By selling advertising to digital marketers using all of the data points they collect on their users.


Facebook has become the 800 pound gorilla in the world of social media marketing.  What makes Facebook so appetizing to Digital Marketing Experts is that they not only have over 1.2 billion users that log in on a regular basis, but most of the user on Facebook are of spending age.  That means you are not marketing your business to a bunch of 12 year olds that are sharing selfies, you are marketing to a slightly older group that has expendable funds.  With the thousands of data points that Facebook has on their user base, it is a marketers dream come true.


Twitter is a very fast moving social media platform.  You can advertise on twitter, and have your target audience see your “tweet” but we are more more interested in using Twitter for other uses.  Twitter can be very helpful for Social Media Monitoring, as well as pushing links out to the general population.


LinkedIn is the business person’s social media platform.  It is considered the place to be if you are selling any type of B to B product or service.  On LinkedIn, you can target people that work in a particular industry, a particular company or have a specific job title.


Instagram is an online photo and video sharing platform.  Instagram lets its users take pictures and videos and share them on other social media platforms. Instagram can be a powerful tool if what you are marketing is visually enticing.  If you are selling flowers or photos, Instagram can display your work beautifully and entices your potential customers to share your work.


In looking at  Social Media Marketing , you have many options.    Social Media Advertising provides a very strong return on investment and can provide some of the best results.  And one thing that many other marketing campaigns do not offer, which is the ability to track and check the effectiveness.  Using many of the tools that the social media platforms give you coupled with Google Analytics, which now does a pretty awesome job of checking your Social Media Profile.

Social Media Ad Campaigns can consist of simply getting new likes to your Facebook Page or as complex as building an ad that targets a particular segment of the market (using Facebook’s thousands of data points) then upon clicking that ad, have the end user resolve to a custom built landing page on your personal website.

Social Media Advertising focuses on laser targeting your particular customer base then running an ad that appeals specifically to them.


E-Mail Blast Campaigns

E-mail blast campaigns had their day.  They can still be effective, but considering the aggressiveness of SPAM filters and the fact that most people are now numb to any type of spammy e-mail, the numbers have decreased substantially.  You can still have a certain level of success with e-mail blasts, but the numbers have simple decreased.  What you see now is a much more targeted group of e-mails, such as people that have subscribed to your webpage. Keep in mind, it may still be more effective to use a Facebook Pixel to re-market to everyone that has come to your website as opposed to hoping they fill out a form and then e-mail them.