Covington Real Estate Continues to Soar and Expand

Covington real estate continues to soar at alarming rates. In fact, home sales in Covington continue to skyrocket with new investors and buyers each month. From traditional brownstones to contemporary 2-story houses, there are several Covington homes for sale and new listings each day. According to industry experts, interest rates are at an all time low throughout the market. This makes it the perfect time to buy or invest in both residential and commercial properties. St. Tammany Parish is also blanketed by tree-lined streets, fine homes, and some of the best schools in the state. This too is another reason why so many buyers are flocking to Covington to tapping into all the current and burgeoning real estate trends.

Covington Real Estate Sales

Covington is one of the fastest growing cities in Southeastern Louisiana. Known for its residential communities and properties the area is a haven for hospitality venues and hotels. Covington also has range of top schools for students of all ages. In a nutshell, the city is a great place to work and raise a family in. With over 8,000 residents, Covington offers a smooth blend of down home country living with big city amenities. This has made it a prime location for new developments, homes, and an expanding commercial base. There are also deed-restricted communities in the outskirts, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal security for new and existing families in the suburbs. According to real estate developers, here are a few reasons why Covington home sales and investments continue to boom:

  • The end of the fiscal crisis has led to many real estate developments across Central and Eastern Louisiana.

  • With more money on the market than ever before, families are looking to settle in Covington for its fine schools, warm neighbors, and safe streets and communities.

  • Interest rates continue to plummet making it the perfect time to buy or invest in any Covington property or home.

  • St. Tammany Parish is also planning on building more schools to help meet the needs of families and students from across Louisiana and the country in general.

  • Family homes have seen a huge boom in sales including one story, two-story, and contemporary and traditional houses.

  • Covington real estate agents are committed to excellence in all home sales and purchases. They offer in depth tours, along with virtual tours for out of town investors and buyers. They also work hard to ensure a smooth buying and selling process for all parties involved.

Things to do in Covington

There are so many things to do and see in Covington. This includes a range of nautical and aquatic activities at the lake, such as fishing and boating. The area also features a community pool, which is great for meeting your neighbors and staying cool during the summer months. Covington also has plenty of nature trails, along with hiking and walking paths. The bike trails are perfect for experiencing Mother Nature at her finest as well enjoying barbecues and quality outdoor time with loved ones and friends. The city also features a huge statue of Ronald Reagan, which tends to attract visitors from all over the region. For more information on buying a home in Covington, contact us today!