Great Photos Sell a Home


Looking to sell your home or property? Well, before you go list your home on all the trendy real estate websites, it’s important that you have good, quality professional real estate photographs of your home. After all, first impressions are everything right?

Remember, these photos are what’s going to draw potential buyers in, and peak their interest enough to make an appointment to view your home (and hopefully, to purchase it).

Here are some great tips to photographing your home to sell:

  • Ask your agent if they contract professional photographers to get the best shots possible.
  • If you’re selling without an agent, look into the cost of hiring your own professional photographer who has experience in real estate photography.
  • If you opt to take the pictures yourself, make sure to invest in a decent camera (and possibly a tripod for the sharpest photos)
  • Don’t forget to clean and stage your home before you take photos. Buyers don’t want to see mold, dust, and dirty dishes everywhere—they probably will skip right past your listing and move on.
  • Remember the importance of lighting. Use natural lighting where possible by opening the curtains or doors. Be aware of backlighting and check that your photos don’t have weird shadows or reflections before you move on.
  • Make sure to use the right angles—it’s always best to get low to the ground (makes the ceilings appear taller) and take the photos from the corners or the doorways to show the size of the room.
  • Take up close pictures of desirable details like built ins, molding, large windows.
  • Don’t take pictures of the eyesores—no one wants to see air vents or ceiling fans.
  • Don’t deceive viewers. If you take a photo with a wide-angle lens to make the room much larger, potential buyers will be disappointed when they view the home.
  • Take a look at some listings online—you’ll immediately be able to tell which photos are better than others. Jot down some ideas from there.
  • Consider enhancing the photos before posting, rather than leaving them raw. Editing your lighting, enhance the colors, and more. (Professional photographers should do this for you)

Listings with great photographs sell up to 90% faster than those without. Good photographs are vital to your home’s viewings, because most people start their home buying process online, and then usually only look at listings with photographs.