Decluttering Your Home to Sell Fast

Now that you’ve decided to sell your home, you may have realized just how much stuff you really have. There are many tips for increasing your homes value, but this one is almost free.  Before you take pictures, have showings or open houses, and even before you deep clean, you have to declutter your spaces.

When you declutter, you don’t necessarily need to throw everything you haven’t used in a month away—but considering opting for a storage unit. You want potential buyers to see the home for what it is and not be distracted by all that stuff you’ve collected over the years.

Declutter the Kitchen

keep calm and declutterThe kitchen is what sells the home. You want your potential buyers to see a big, open, and spacious kitchen.
-Start by clearing off your countertops—take everything off, including the toaster and the griddle and the waffle maker. You might leave just a few decorative pieces, the salt and pepper shaker, and the small utensil holder.
-Next, focus on the sink area. One (clean) sponge, one small container of dish soap, and a dish towel are enough. Store the dish drying rack away if you need to—think of all that counter space it takes up.
-Clear out cabinets. Do you have three almost-complete services for 8? Pack most of that away. Hide all of those different kitchen gadgets and the novelty mugs.


Declutter the Bathrooms

This is another important part of the house that can make or break a sale.
-Once again, clear off the countertops of everything except soap and toothbrush holders.
-Clear out those half-empty hairsprays, the old makeup, the 25 miss-matched hand towels, and the bottles of prescriptions.
-Clear the space around the toilet of clutter; nothing more than a toilet brush and a trash can or else you’ll make the space feel smaller.
-Leave as few products as possible in your shower or bath.

Clean Out The Closets

Buyers want storage space—and that’s that. Clear out seasonal clothes and organize that shoe collection. The general rule of thumb is to clear out 1/3 of the stuff in your closets so that they appear larger.

  • Other places around the house.
  • -Throw out that stack of year-old magazines.
  • -Sort the mail nicely into one (preferably hidden) place.
  • -Take down some pictures off the walls if you have a ton (make sure to properly fill in the holes and paint over them).
  • -Hide all evidence of children or pets, within reason of course. Put away large kids toys and don’t leave Rover’s food and water bowls out.

Hopefully with these decluttering tips, you can begin the process of selling your home—and hopefully it’s a quick one!

Other Helpful Tips For Decluttering