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Digital Marketing To Sell Your Home

Selling Your Home using Digital Marketing

In today’s digital world, the marketing you should be focused on when selling your home is on the internet.  Lets face it, no one is waiting for the Sunday paper to see what homes are for sale anymore. Digital Marketing…

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The Truth About A Career in Real Estate

The truth about a career in real estate

Are you thinking about a career in real estate? This is what they WONT tell you. If you are thinking about a career in real estate, you have most likely Googled what it takes to get a real estate license…

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Should You Use A Real Estate Agent?

should you use a real estate agent

Should You Use A Real Estate Agent? With the many easy access real estate websites and apps, you may think do-it-yourself is the best road to finding and purchasing a home. But buying a home is a huge task, with…

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US Luxury Real Estate Recovers

luxury real estate

  Most people are aware that when the real estate market crashed, one of the hardest hit sectors was Luxury Real Estate.  We are now seeing a resurgence in Luxury Real Estate across the US.  We will briefly look at…

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